Personal Training

We focus on the process so you can focus on your goals

The training process improves your understanding of your training needs. Why and when things should be done to reach your goals is important to make training sustainable in the long run. We make your training process personal according to your conditions. When we meet, be certain we focus on you.

Individualized training is important but does not exclude group training. Group training performed in an effective and safe way can attract other qualities compared to individual training. Clients with the same type of goals can, with well-thought-out planning, be trained at the same time in a excellent way. 

We primarily train our strength and cardio clients at Top Fitness Center
a first-class gym located in the southwestern parts of Gothenburg. If the training can't be performed there we will find other solutions that suits you/the group/the team.

In the training process we provide you with a number of effective services

Personal training

This is what it's all about. No matter what your goals are, we will help you move forward with your strength or cardio training. That's what we do.

Consultation sessions

Before we start a training session we need to get to know you and understand your goals. That’s why we performe a consultation dialog with you.

Screening/Functional analysis

We analyze your motion capacity and seek for any limitations that may exist to make the training as individual, safe and effective as possible.

Individual program design

Real effective general training programs does not exists. They need to be individualized which means work according to your conditions and current situation - nothing else.  

Periodization planning

If you're training, it is cristal clear what, when and why you do what you do in the gym. Otherwise you are just working out... No worries - we will help you!