Hockey Training

Training services for developing your ability to make wise decisions on the ice

As a hockeyplayer you are in a constant need of collecting information on the ice in order to analyze before you make a decision. To make a wise decision you need time and space. To create time and space you have to develop different techniques, for example movements, ability to see the ice, communication, positioning, timing, skating, strength, etc. Our services aim to help you make wise decisions on the ice. That’s what we focus on.

Pieces to unleash hockey potential - you choose, we guide!

Individual training on ice

Full focus on you and the specific techniques you need to reach full potential. We plan ice sessions to fit with your ordinary daily schedule.

Group and team training on ice

Trainings can have different orientations, defenders, forwards or both and also whole teams. Keep an eye on our activities where training is offered or contact us directly for planning. 

Physical/Off ice training

Hockey-specific off ice training is necessary to handle the brode physical requirements of hockey. What do your Pre-season, In-season and Post-season look like?  Periodization and its content are crucial.


Sometimes everything in life works and self-confidence is at its peak. Sometimes it’s the other way around. It can be an asset to have someone independent with competence and experience to talk to - contact us for further planning.

Game analysis

We work with game analyzes and create reports. We discuss your decisions and actions in order to elevate your game. It’s an excellent way to help your development.


What do you need as a group / team / association? We tailor lectures that aim to develop your way of training on and off ice in the short and long term. Let us know your preferences.